LATEST DROP: bad guy MV – Billie Eilish

Queen of artistically weird MVs, Billie Eilish is up and at it again with ‘bad guy’!

Billie Eilish just dropped the ‘bad guy’ MV and it’s making us do a double take. Although the song’s meaning is pretty clear, the 17-year-old always makes sure that her videos are not something you’d just watch and forget! If you don’t get what we’re talking about, you can watch the ‘bad guy’ music video for yourself!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyDfgMOUjCI[/embedyt]

Weird? Creepy? Artistic?

Like everyone else, our initial and natural reaction to any music video by Billie Eilish is “What the hell did I just watch?” When her first single ‘Ocean Eyes’ gained its popularity, we can say that the song’s sweet sweet lyrics and her voice that’s just a big lullaby wouldn’t have prepared us for what’s coming next.

From spiders coming out of her mouth to black ink dripping from her eyes, and from maniacally dancing on the road to playing a ghost under the bed, Billie Eilish’s videos are sure to make you uncomfortable.

I actually had a friend watch these, and while she loved the heck out of the music, she couldn’t say the same about the MVs. Needless to say, Billie Eilish, by now, had made a reputation for herself in making these artistic yet unconventional music videos.

‘bad guy’

We didn’t get that wrong, Billie just liked using small caps when titling her songs (another trademark of hers). ‘bad guy’ is a single from Billie’s latest album called ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go’. There are several unsettling images shown in this MV, but they still have the Billie Eilish touch to it. Most of the clips showed opaque, colored backgrounds, and of course, the unicolor, baggy outfits.

‘bad guy’ basically is about telling a guy what he is and telling the guy who you are. Billie has been very open and vocal about not wanting to date anybody as she thinks it would be unfair to the guy. And this song is like saying that “I’m not the type of girl you’d want to date, ’cause I’m a bad guy,” or at least that’s how I understand it.


I think that, yes, seeing men’s severed heads inside plastic bags with water seems a bit off, but hear me out. To me, Billie’s videos have always been kinda symbolic. ‘i don’t wanna be you anymore’ is one, where she talks into a mirror, which explains who she’s talking to, who she doesn’t wanna be: herself. ‘when the party’s over’ also has some sort of symbolism to her chugging up a glass of blank ink and the black ink coming out of her eyes and mouth until at the end it just flows everywhere. In ‘bad guy’ the video starts with Billie tearing apart a paper wall by kicking it, and seemingly ended at that before opening to a coda where there are red lights and Billie is being carried on the back of a guy while he’s doing push-ups. Mad, I know, but still.

As Billie said so herself, “Art should be up for interpretation. One of my favorite parts about making music is that people take it in the way that they take it, and I have no control over that.” I guess that cuts off all the need for explanation!

You can also stream ‘bad guy’ on Spotify!

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