syd hartha just released her latest single called ‘Ayaw’, and it’s full of all the angst we need for dealing with entitled people! Check it out now!

“Who do you think you are?”, syd hartha asks as she released her latest single called ‘Ayaw’, and it takes victim-blaming to a new light! It has all the angst we need to tell people that, no, it is never the victim’s fault that someone harassed him/her. The songwriting will amaze you, especially if you look into the lyrics! Check out the official lyric video by Sony Music Philippines!

syd hartha

Don’t chastise me for not writing her name in capital letters. syd hartha is just stylized as such! syd became famous for her original and acoustic covers on her YouTube channel. She has been officially active for only a year in the scene, but she has already released three songs! In 2018, she released her first single called ‘Tila Tala’. And since then she has been making music that never ceases to amaze us.

Particularly, I think that what’s unique about syd hartha is the amazing quality of her voice and her great Tagalog. Most of us today are so used to speaking in English and using borrowed words that it’s hard to even pronounce some Tagalog words right, but this girl has it spot on.

Rape Culture and Victim-Blaming

Rape culture has been very widespread nowadays. And despite the constant effort to be as loud about our rights to respect as possible, still, some people feel the entitlement to do things with our bodies. May it be catcalling, sexual harassment in public places, or even rape. ‘Ayaw’ talks about the unpleasant experience of being raped and how people are quick to blame the victim over the rapist.

It is still sad to see that people would care about what you were wearing more than what goes on in the mind of the rapist. Were we asking for it? No, but sometimes people interpret “No,” as a lot of things. As the song’s lyrics stated, “‘pag sinabi kong ayaw, ayaw ko talaga ‘di ako nagpapapilit,” and that rings true for all of us. We live in a society where rapists are given a fair chance to justice but victims are judged and blamed right off. And it’s good that there are artists who care about the issue enough to create something out of it.

‘Ayaw’ talks about a heavy issue in the perspective of a victim being blamed. And the amazing musicality brings it to life outstandingly! That’s what we love about art! We use it for awareness and for expression. You can also stream ‘Ayaw’ on Spotify now!

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