LATEST DROP: Autotelic’s ‘Kahit’ Music Video will make you tear up

Autotelic’s official music video for ‘Kahit’ is showing us the struggles of parenthood and the astounding amount of love it requires. Try not to cry, because we failed!

Yup, the official music video for ‘Kahit’ is now out, and it’s an absolute tear-jerker. But if you’re expecting a girl-boy relationship type of video, this is not it! The MV, however, still shows love, an even more beautiful kind. That’s all we can tell you, for now, you have to see it for yourself! Check out this music video!

Okay, we don’t want to get too technical here, but we would just like to comment on how great the colour grading affected the whole feel of the video. And perhaps the best thing about this video is the message it presents! Somehow, it tells us that parenthood isn’t easy as it is, but it’s even harder when their kids have special needs.


Taking on an inspirational note, ‘Kahit’ by Autotelic is a song that talks about being there for one another. It tells us that no matter how bad things get, there are people who will be our guiding light and stay with us through it all. And somehow, it’s enough to just see their faces in the crowd and in the midst of chaos. In addition to this, the song also encourages us to feel. Sad or happy, we shouldn’t ever feel like our emotions are invalid.

Meaning-wise, the song could be dedicated to anybody. There was no mention of a romantic connotation in the song, it can be dedicated to whoever you want to. Members of the family, a close friend, or anyone who has been there for you when through thick and thin. Which is good, because it’s a good break from all the ‘hugot‘ songs we’ve been hearing. Honestly, it gets hard to be all cheesy about love when life itself is so difficult sometimes, and this song is a great source of inspiration!

Through another angle

If we’re gonna talk about the video, can we please applaud how brave the band and the producers of the music video to use this concept? Down Syndrome is a very sensitive topic that can easily be messed up if done wrong. And people tend to look at people with DS for how they’re disabled, instead of seeing how special they are as people. Because of this, they often end up as the object of discrimination and teasing.

However, this music video looks at Down Syndrome from a different perspective. This time, we get to look at the situation from their parents’ point of view. It’s hard enough raising kids without the disorder, so we could only imagine how hard it must be for these parents. They have to stay resilient and patient. And just imagine the amount of love that the task requires. To be able to patiently stay throughout the tough times, now that’s something we don’t see every day.

And if it’s hard for the kids to be humiliated and bullied, imagine how much harder it is on the parent. They are often afraid of letting their children out into the world knowing that the world doesn’t treat people with DS with the same respect as others. People would take advantage of their children’s weaknesses, and so they have to be mindful at all times. And that’s a challenge, you know? One that not all of us can endure. Kudos to all the parents of kids with DS!

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