It is out, guys — the music video for Autotelic’s ‘Ikaw’ . And it got us freakin’ emotional!

If you think the lyrics of ‘Ikaw’ already hurt you a lot, well, wait until you’ve seen the music video! It tells about the sorrowful reality of unrequited love and getting into a relationship while you’re still in love with your ex. Relate much? Watch the video below until the end and see that plot twist!


The official music video of Autotelic‘s ‘Ikaw’ was directed by Enzo Valdez and released last April 3. It follows the story of lovers who seem to be in love with each other. In reality, the guy cannot genuinely reciprocate the girl’s feelings. Why? Because he is still haunted by his past love.

What Hurts Us The Most

Most people eventually heal after a relationships ends. Sadly, not everyone can cope up easily from letting go their former lover. Just like how the guy portrays a person who walks out into a relationship but is still deeply attached with his ex. On the other hand, the girl seems to notice the peculiar emotions of the guy. To tell you, it is deeply saddening to those who cannot get past their losses. But it’s definitely devastating to their current partners, too. There will be unending questions if they have been loved or were just a rebound all along.

If you have observed the beginning of the music video, it conveys the happy moments of couples who have been sleeping together. But when the truth unveils about his past love, the girl cannot even close her eyes for accepting the hard truth.

The official music video for ‘Ikaw’ effectively shows us that there’s nothing good we can get from committing into a new relationship if we are still stuck in the past.

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Kudos to Autotelic for the success of their song and the music video! If you haven’t listened to ‘Ikaw’ yet, you can stream their song on Spotify and other streaming platforms!


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