The Autotelic EP (Takipsilim) is here for those of us who have hearts yearning for a blissful weekend jam!

SURPRISE! Released just this midnight, the Autotelic EP: Takipsilim undoubtedly gave us the TGIF vibes!

And if you plan on traveling this weekend, we highly encourage you to have Takipsilim on  loop. ‘Cause with each song playing not less than 4 minutes and the EP’s energetic vibe, it’s the perfect road trip playlist! These tunes actually kind of feel like driving down the road, while you’re at the end credits of a feel-good movie.

We all know Autotelic and their heart-raising beats. And we can’t help but look up to them for coming up with tracks that paint a vivid picture of how life should feel.

Listen to Autotelic’s Latest drop- Takipsilim EP here!

And join us while we daydream about chasing sunsets and drinking margaritas, listening to Takipsilim.

Plus, you know what this means: more cool OPM songs to add to our playlist!

And for those who already have this hot new EP in their playlist, we caught all you had to say!

Most of you were shooketh!

While others were just thankful for the good vibes!

Perfect timing, as they say

And for those who want more of Autotelic as much as we do, we gotchu!

They’re playing live in schools around the Metro this month!

But honestly, we’re really hoping to see them live soon at our favorite local bars. you know, for when we need to let off some steam with some good old live OPM jam!

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