A mishmash of bedroom beats and pop-punk, the Artificial Dreams EP by Mazerboy showcases his playful side as an artist!

In contrast to popular tunes of a ballad, pop, and rock, Mazerboy dishes out airy pop-punk beats. Through his debut EP ‘Artificial Dreams’, he sets his eyes to share his personal thoughts while bringing new tunes to everyone.

In case you haven’t heard, Mazerboy is Mari Valenciano’s music project. According to Mari, he has written and produced the EP in hopes of having an outlet for his musical artistry. However, it seems to be more than that. While ‘Artificial Dreams’ might be just a humble music project, it shows promise that can help him develop a flourishing career in the local scene.

Artificial Dreams EP

The 5-track EP features bolstering upbeat skate-punk tunes. Though Mazerboy boasts it for having bedroom beats, it shows more than that. It lies between the thin line of pop-punk and bedroom beats. Nevertheless, ‘Artificial Dreams’ EP touches these elements reminiscent to our favorite pop-punk bands like All Time Low, State Champs and Motion Soundtrack City.

‘Unending Day’ is a notable track in the EP. Not just because it’s the shortest, running for only a minute. But because of the addictive repetitive lyrics and tune it sports. Sure, we’d usually cringe on repetitiveness but somehow, ‘Unending Day’ keeps you reeled in. Best opening track for an EP, as it builds up the momentum with fast beats and contrasting lyricism.

On the other hand, titular track ‘Artificial Dreams’ is the quintessential staple where pop-punk and bedroom beats meet. The bouncy mid-tempo groove, along with dulcet smooth guitar riffs capping off the EP with a high feeling.

For a debut EP, Mazerboy surely bagged it, nice and easy. So be sure to stream ‘Artificial Dreams’ EP by Mazerboy on Spotify!

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