Arthur Nery’s Binhi MV had us screaming!

Regret and loss carry us through an inescapable nightmare in the picturesque music video of Binhi by Arthur Nery.

All our romantic fantasies about Arthur Nery’s single, ‘Binhi‘, crashes as we see it from a different light. From the seemingly mellow and poetic love song, it turns sour. As much as we love happy endings, we are a sucker for sad tear-jerkers as well. And it turns out, ‘Binhi’ paints a vivid picture of a regrettably almost-love story.

Arthur Nery flaunts his charismatic guttural vocals in ‘Binhi’. He perfectly delivers that somber melody in a seductive yet charming way. Unlike his previous tracks, ‘Binhi’ is much more romantic and innocent at the same time. But the takeaway of it was the interpretation of the song in the music video recently released.

Bleak, barren yet utterly moving

‘Binhi’ fools us with a romantic ode to someone special. Lyrics wise, it does nothing but reassures you of a saving a failing relationship. However, the music video states otherwise. It depicts a failing relationship that thrives for a bit. However, as much as they try to save it, it eventually withers away. Just like it’s supposed to be.

Arthur Nery stars in the music video. And according to sources, ‘Binhi’ is one of the tracks he wrote that is closest to his heart. Together with the MV’s beau, Joan Sia, they bring to life the story behind Binhi’s every bit. It’s nothing short of a gem, especially with how they artistically produced the video. The visuals perfectly complement the vibe of the whole song. Not to mention, the cinematography captures that desolate and dreary atmosphere that they intended to display. And despite the bleak and barren atmosphere, there’s something moving about it. It tugs your heartstrings at the right places.

O/C Records does not disappoint with the production value of their works. And this only gives us more anticipation to what comes next for Arthur Nery. Be sure to support him by streaming ‘Binhi’ on Spotify!

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