Two of the top heartbreak-inducing hit-makers are ready to release their first collab tomorrow, March 13. Question is, are we?

The five-piece OPM rock band, Mayonnaise and acoustic folk-pop soloist, I Belong To The Zoo tease their first-ever collab on twitter last March 1 and since then, fans have been eagerly expressing their excitement over the surprising but much-anticipated project.

Fans’ anticipation reached its peak yesterday when the band released a clip from the upcoming song’s official music video shot in Taiwan set to release at the same time as the song itself with some fans speculating this song to be another sauve hard-hitting heartbreaker.

Which they’ll stream and sing endlessly for the next few days to say the least. #sorrynotsorry

And they already know they’re gonna love it! (like we do!)

The 1-day wait still seems too long. So fans have turned to using their own words against the band!

But the winning reaction still goes to this fan who, like us, just isn’t sure if we’re ready for the positively beautiful heartrending song that’s about to grace our ears on March 13!

So let’s all prepare our ears (and hearts!) and stream Pahirapan and the Pahirapan MV on various platforms tomorrow!

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