Ben&Ben’s Araw-Araw music video reminds us that finding happiness means choosing whoever or whatever makes you happy. No matter what the odds are.

All our lives, we’re prompted to go the extra mile to be happy. But Ben&Ben reminds us that there’s more to happiness than what we know. That sometimes, going the extra mile means appreciating what we have. That being happy doesn’t always mean shooting for the stars and chasing vague and abstract concepts of love and life. Because sometimes, being happy means choosing what makes us happy everyday.

As always, Ben&Ben goes to greater heights as one of the pioneers of the new generation of OPM. They’ve come to take over both local and international stages. They’ve appeared on numerous local TV shows and inspired countless bands to pursue their careers. And now, their music continues to go beyond as the official OST of the film, ‘LSS’. Especially their recent singles, ‘Pagtingin‘ and ‘Araw-Araw’. And marking another milestone of their music is the release of another music video. But this time, it’s ‘Araw-Araw’.

Happiness is a choice

People say happiness is a choice. And you can’t deny the fact that we’ve been a skeptic to that idea. But Ben&Ben emphasizes that happiness isn’t as complicated as we thought. In the music video, it subtly reminds us that sometimes, what we want is already in front of us. It’s just a matter of time when we realize that it’s what we wanted all along. And before we know it, it’s gone. Just like in the music video.

We’re skeptic about things. A lot of things to be honest. But if you know what makes you happy, or who makes you happy, you gotta choose it every day. Because life isn’t always a bright and sunny day. You got to hold on to the things that make you happy. Because if you don’t, then who will? At least, after the rain, you got something to hold on to. There’s something that will remind you that there are bigger things in life than problems. That the people you hold dear, the things that make you happy will stay. Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia made sure to remind us of it.

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