Painful yet intoxicating, ‘Ano Ba Tayo?’ by TALYA begs a simple yet daunting question to be answered and most of us can relate to.

Timeless and raw, romance never ceases to be a great theme. Especially when it draws out the human emotion we all grew to love and hate at the same time. Pain. And as much as we’d love to bask in our delusion of a no-label relationship, TALYA breaks it to us. With their newest single, ‘Ano Ba Tayo?’, reality smacks us for the right reasons for questioning who we really are in someone’s life.

A rare gem from the south, TALYA prides themselves for their girl power. The all-female pop-rock band is composed of Kristina Ng on vocals, Marga Enriquez on guitars, Christel Lanzuela on keyboards, Eireen Alba on bass and Camille Inaldo on drums. It’s almost been a year since they started out. But this time, they’ve officially made their mark with the release of ‘Ano Ba Tayo?’.

Because in relationships, labels are necessary

TALYA’s first single, ‘Ano Ba Tayo?’, opens with a surprisingly textured intro. It sounds different yet oddly familiar. The whole song itself boasts its finely-calibrated tunes. Both their guitars, keyboards, and drums. Though the keyboards might sound faint, it sublimely brings a symphony perfectly fitting to the guttural guitar riffs. In a similar manner, the percussion isn’t over-compressed. Just enough to give a crunch and edge to the song’s overall sound.

Pwede ba akong magalit

Sa tuwing di ka na nagpaparamdam?

Pwede ba?

The song probes on the dysfunction of no-label relationships. Being in what they call “almost relationships” puts you in the gray area of relationships. For some, it might be quite simple. An easy way out of commitments. But for those who find themselves falling and being attached, it gets confusing. You find yourself not knowing what you can’t and can do.

And all you want to do is “determine the label”. Because things will get confusing. Not just for you but for the other person too. And even if the lyrics seem redundant, it’s quite effective in bringing a striking song.

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