Aninipot by Shirebound and Busking feat. Bea Lorenzo is here! Learn about this new and captivating track now.

The Aninipot by Shirebound and Busking feat. Bea Lorenzo is an amazing song that you should all listen to. Quality music and overall a goosebumps experience—that’s what this new track is all about!

‘Aninipot’ dropped a week ago. If you haven’t listened to it yet, then check it out right HERE:


The ‘Aninipot’ is such a beautifully captivating song that seemed to wrap its arms around me. Aninipot is a Bicolano term for fireflies. And it feels so relaxing to close your eyes and imagine you’re in the province listening to this song, with the cool night air kissing your skin, and fireflies dancing around you.

The ‘Aninipot’ was written back in 2015, and finally, the song was officially released in digital platforms. The song, however, served a different impact when the artist lost his father. ‘Aninipot’ is a powerful song about loss, which we all could relate to as we have all experienced losing something important in our lives.

Nevertheless, this new track doesn’t make you sulk. As a matter of fact, it has a calming effect that can truly make you feel at peace while losing yourself to its music. Individuals can really have different impressions and interpretations of this amazingly good single. Of course, a huge kudos to Bea Lorenzo‘s heartwarming voice and for her mastery with the kalimba that truly made sure the song has a unique impact on the listeners.

Seems like the name Shirebound and Busking will make a wave this 2019. Because it doesn’t end with ‘Aninipot’, I’ve heard that we’ll be hearing a full album from him very soon!

While waiting for that said album to arrive, stream his new single on Spotify now!

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