It’s a great day to be in love! And Johnoy Danao’s ‘Ang Panata’ music video reminds us of a love so pure and beautiful.

In the time we live in, love can be superficial as it is shallow. Truth to be told, gone are the days where love is at its simplest yet at its best. The kind of love that we’ve all dreamed of. And the music video of ‘Ang Panata’ shows us that it’s still alive somewhere, somehow. Check it out below!

Johnoy Danao has always been the one to move us with his songs. With his contemporary approach to kundiman music, he never fails to make us fall in the idea of love over and over again. And ‘Ang Panata’ is no exemption. Rustic like an old photograph, the music video brings about a wave of nostalgia that hits you right home.

It’s nothing extraordinary, but the simplicity of the music video is enough to make you want to be in love. For starters, it features Johnoy singing with his trusty acoustic guitar. Which is by far, relaxing, seeing him pluck every string to life. But what brings out the beauty of the song is the collection of snippets of his own wedding day. Rustic and romantic. Picture perfect, indeed.

Ang Panata

Maging iyong katuwang
‘Di ako bibitaw

Just like the wedding clips in the music video, ‘Ang Panata’ is basically an ode to an everlasting love song. Weddings aren’t just sacriligous in terms. The essence of it is the eternal bond of two people in love. It tells us that there’s love that transcends the superficiality of life. A love that offers you more than just love. But a companionship all throughout the rest of your life. In sickness and in health. Till death parts you.

True, it sounds cliché. But ‘Ang Panata’ promises you that there’s a person who’s willing to be there for you. No matter how hard life is, there’s a person who’s ready to take on the world with you. And I think that’s a love that we all want to. Just makes you want to love and be loved, right?

Anyway, be sure to check out ‘Ang Panata’ on Spotify!

It would be really romantic to sing “Ang Panata” by Johnoy Danao to the love of your life, right? Wish we could sing it to someone too! Let us know on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.