This is the news we’ve been all waiting for! Ang Pagbabalik by Bloodflowers is now out and we are ready to go back home!

You’ve probably heard about Ang Pagbabalik by Bloodflowers and yes, they are back, baby! Bloodflowers’ newest single brings back good old memories of the past! And we are definitely digging it!

Hailing all the way from the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan De Oro, Bloodflowers in now preparing for flight with the release of ‘Ang Pagbabalik.’ This four-piece alternative rock outfit is right here to make good music.

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Lahat ng bagay dito sa lupa
Ay babalik din sa pinagmulan
Halina at uuwi na tayo
Patungo sa isa’t isa

The song opens with a strong percussion and guitar arrangement that brings us back to the early 2000’s OP rock era. And that’s what makes them a great band.

In this music era that we are in, you can say that it is truly the era of indie bands to come on top. But to be a successful indie rock band, you gotta set yourself apart from the other bands. And Bloodflowers is definitely doing it. They might seem like your typical alternative rock band but tell you what, they’re certainly bringing us back home to OPMs most glorious years, the early 2000s.

‘Ang Pagbabalik’ and its opening riffs and Jonathan Catalan’s catchy vocals caught us off guard. They are giving this “All Time Low” vibe from their single and we’re not complaining! The song build-up goes from strong to stronger and the chorus is anthemic and yes, it makes us feel to want to go home.

The lyrics can be romantic, platonic and patriotic at the same time. Who does that, really? But this is definitely your go-to if you miss your family, your significant other, your home or even when you’re just killing time while traveling back from work.

If you haven’t heard of them, then you probably should! Ang Pagbabalik by Bloodflowers is now available in Spotify and all digital platforms so add it to your playlist.

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