Jive to Pusakalye’s inspirational tunes as we listen to ‘Ang Ating Alaala’, their latest release that talks about love and acceptance!

Memory is the single most painful thing in the world, but it’s also the best. And while others would reminisce distant memories and feel sad, this song by Pusakalye makes us want to focus on the happy memories. ‘Ang Ating Alaala’ is an ode to good memories and how they keep us going. It’s available for streaming on Spotify now, but check out this cool and colorful lyric video they released!

Choosing to move forward

Anyone who’s been in love knows that moving on is not an easy task. If anything, the curse of memory is just plain salt to the injury that is our broken hearts. And somehow, remembering everything does nothing to help. But we couldn’t just let the pain make us forget that good things also come from heartbreaks! ‘Ang Ating Alaala’ cherishes memories of the past and turns it into something beautiful.

“Don’t forget all the good memories we shared,” this is the whole song’s point. It takes the end of a relationship to an inspiring note! While we can only wish, “Sana’y tayo hanggang huli,” all we’ll have is the memories to live by when all is said and done, but sometimes, even that can be just enough to help you move forward.

Pusakalye celebrates love without bitterness with this song, and it’s certainly one you’d like to listen to for days.

Pusakalye and heartbreaks

Pusakalye thrives with energy every time we watch them perform live. They sing, and the crowd sings with them. This band has a way of getting your attention with how alive they are when they perform. But don’t be fooled. Pusakalye has a record of making us cry with their deep and heartfelt songs, too! Listening to their songs, we always find ourselves asking, “What’s with the attack?!” This being said, ‘Ang Ating Alaala’ seems to be the closing chapter of a book about heartbreak. Song after song, the band never fails to make us feel how they feel, and with this song’s relief, we felt relieved, too. It’s as if the writer of the song has finally come to a point of acceptance and decided to just celebrate all the good memories, and they took us with them through the journey!

You can listen to ‘Ang Ating Alaala’ on Spotify now!

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