LATEST DROP: Andiyan by John Roa

You won’t be alone and never will be. That’s what Andiyan by John Roa is saying!

John Roa blesses the local music community with, yet again, another gratifying song. His newest single, ‘Andiyan’ remind us that we are not alone in life and never will be. And as much as it sounds like a love song, it transcends itself to more ways than one.

For quite some time, John Roa skyrocketed himself from being just a member of a has-been boy group. T0 some, his decision to go solo gave him a direction and a chance to showcase his talents. And he never disappointed or let down any of us. Time and time again, he’s been giving us songs that break the heart. (Not that anyone’s complaining.)

But this time, he serves us something new. His newest single ‘Andiyan’ might sound painfully mellow and melodious, it’s nothing but an ode to everyone you love. Romantically or not. Wrapped in the ambient blues, ‘Andiyan’ is much more positive as it seems. The piano accompaniment brings satisfying meat and grit to the song and John’s vocals. Flawless as always, the simplicity of the arrangement brings out the grandiose of the song’s meaning. Nothing less of John Roa.


Sa tuwing akoy nangangapa sa dilim
At nangangambang baka hindi ko na
Masisilayan ang liwanag
Ay andiyan ka para iparamdam na
‘Di ko kailangan harapin ang bukas ng mag-isa

John Roa is known for his heartbreaking love songs. But this time, he takes it up a notch with an ambiguous song perfect for everyone. At first look, ‘Andiyan’ sounds like a love song. It talks about how you thank someone lovingly. For their love, for their support, for being there for you every step of the way. That would be anyone’s first impression.

However, there’s a duality hidden between the lines. As much as we love it to be a love song for our beloved, it transcends its own translation and meaning. ‘Andiyan’ can be anyone’s song for anyone. A gesture of gratitude to the people who’ve been there with you. Even the music video says so.

In life, you’ll find yourself in the dark. On the verge of giving up or worse. But despite that, someone will be there with you. Every step of the way. No matter how hard the journey is, someone will be there for you. And that’s quite reassuring enough for you to go on. Because sometimes, just there presence in your life is enough.

We owe them more than a “thank you”. But for them, it would suffice. And ‘Andiyan’ by John Roa reels us back into the reality that there will be people for us. And we’re nothing but grateful to have them with us.

So be sure to stream ‘Andiyan’ by John Roa together with your loved ones on Spotify!

Did the song remind you of someone close to you? Who will you dedicate Andiyan by John Roa if given the chance? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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