Reese Lansangan takes us to a trip to the heavens in her rocket ship as she released her new single called ‘An Opportunity to Go to the Moon’!

Life gets so exhausting sometimes, everything just makes you want to escape the world and travel far. Anywhere in the cosmos but here! But no matter how much we want to be alone, someone is always an exception to the rule. This is what Reese Lansangan talks about in her latest single called ‘An Opportunity to Go to the Moon’! Check out this lyric video that’s completely out of this world!

An amazing lyricist

Hands down, Reese Lansangan has mastered the art of creative lyricism from the very start. Don’t believe me? Try listening to her first songs. Wherever you hear them, Reese’s songs are the only one of its kind. Taking a lean towards acoustic pop, she presents us with songs that are always a breath of fresh air. New, young, and quirky, these songs are based on far-fetched ideas that could only have come from a mind of depth.

With ‘An Opportunity to Go to the Moon’, Reese brushes up on the subject of love while also being sick of this world. Known for her knack for a unique choice of words when writing her songs, this song, too, is anything but typical.

An Opportunity to Go to the Moon

Reese Lansangan loves space and heavenly bodies. If you can remember, this isn’t the first song in which she talked about her eagerness to visit space. In ‘A Song About Space’, she sang “There’s a part of me that longs to belong to your great black sea”, referring to space.

What we find best about ‘An Opportunity to Go to the Moon’ is the message it gives us. That sometimes, we can get so tired of anything and everything in the world, but there’s always that one person you’d want to take anywhere with you, or at least see for the last time before you leave. Depending on who’s listening, the song can be interpreted in various ways. It is a song about leaving and goodbyes but it still gives love a fair chance. By singing “Maybe you wanna come with me?” tells us that we would be at peace whether or not that person chooses to escape this world with us.

How did you understand the song? Listen to it on Spotify and tell us!

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