Have you seen Amber Liu‘s new MV? Because damn, the girl is killin’ it and she even surprised us with an intense kissing scene!

You may know Amber Liu as a member of the now-disbanded Korean girl group under SM Entertainment, f(x). She was the short-haired girl with really striking, almost androgynous features. Last night, she shocked us and all her other fans with a new music video which is to say the least, daring AF. It is for her song, ‘Other People’, the second track released for her upcoming EP titled ‘X’.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, what are you waiting for?! It is honestly a surprising, but delightful treat. Check out the MV for Amber’s ‘Other People’ below. Perhaps, Parental Guidance is advised.

Such a hot and intense makeout right? Plus, the song is such a bop — we just can’t help dancing to it.

Moreover, just like what Amber was doing, we want to dance and fool around with other people!

And the fans went wild…

Because of the daring and intense kissing scene that Amber did in the music video, fans literally went wild on Twitter and other social media sites. ‘Cause who expected that coming? We absolutely didn’t! Props to Amber and to the actor Mike Bow though for bringing us such a sexy and steamy lip bite-inducing scene.

Moreover, since hardcore fans can explain it better than us, let’s look at some of their tweets regarding this MV.

One of the best reactions goes to Eric Nam though, one of Amber’s friends.

Look at his hilarious Instagram comments below.

Everyone was just really super shookt from Amber’s super unexpected scene.

How about you though? What was YOUR reaction the music video, especially regarding the steamy section of it? Let us know by simply sharing your thoughts through the comments below! Or just hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.