Loved the single ‘Always’? Then I’m sure you’d wanna check out the Always music video of Carousel Casualties!

You’ve heard probably heard of ‘Always‘ by now, the first treat of the band for the year 2019. And for their pre-Valentine’s Day treat, Carousel Casualties dropped the Always music video!

Check out the MV right here:

The song ‘Always’ imprinted the notion of time being a powerful thing through its lyrics. It’s a love song that focuses on how time has the power to heal, make you forget the memories, and of course, deliver new beginnings and promises. This new single of Carousel Casualties together with Mic-Mic Manalo and Gani Palabyab of Farewell Fair Weather is truly a good one!

‘Always’ Music Video

The video started out with an attendant looking so infatuated towards a girl who’s about to use the dance studio. Dancer Aisha Polestico then proceeds with her warm up. We then see the refreshing and simple setting of the dance studio.

I’ve seen a lot of music videos with ballerinas or interpretative dancers featured in the music video. However, the amazing choreography in ‘Always’ is very commendable. It gives the music a different kind of energy to it, which makes your ears and eyes devoted to the song and music video.

The refreshing and simple setting transformed into something very aesthetic too. Which is very pleasing and enjoying to look at even more. Especially when the attendant Marveen Lozano joined in with her crush for the dance number. Marveen showed off his amazing skill at dancing as well. Truly a breathtaking dance number duo!

Of course, the MV wouldn’t be complete without Carousel Casualties and Mic-Mic Manalo and Gani Palabyab of Farewell Fair Weather!

However, what I thought was a very sweet and “yes!” moment for the guy, turned out to be just his imagination in the end. But since ‘Always’ is all about time, who knows right? Maybe he’ll find the courage to say hello to the person he likes one day. That’s why you (yes you!) should step up and start making your move to your crush already! You’ll never know when it’s too late.

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