Always by Carousel Casualties is the band’s first treat for 2019. And I’m telling you, you’d wanna devour this one!

The first month of the year is about to come to an end. But Carousel Casualties, of course, added up to the superb month! January has been filled with amazing new singles and music videos. I know I’ve been getting more new songs to listen to than what I’ve expected. Yet for some reason, I can’t get enough!

Luckily, Carousel Casualties join in on the fun. Because we have here Always by Carousel Casualties and its lyric video!

The single also features Mic-Mic Manalo and Gani Palabyab of Farewell Fair Weather. And ‘Always’ is like a teaser of how different their album would sound like. The single will be part of their upcoming debut album and it’s simply so exciting!


Carousel Casualties‘ ‘Always’ truly is a new start for their band. Their music has a refreshing hint to it and I surely added it to my playlist on the first listen!

The lyric video is a montage of the band members adventures and I just want to see more of it! The lyrics video has a personal ring to it that lets viewers connect to the artists behind the track.

Darling believe all the words that I say

The magic may fade

And time may erase all the 

Possible futures tomorrow can make

And morning that I will embrace with you

Tomorrow holds a lot of possibilities. The song gave off the impression about time being powerful. It can heal, it can fade memories, and it can definitely deliver new beginnings and promises. Though ‘Always’ is about love, while watching the lyric video, you’d think of the band’s memories and journey together. And with this new song, I just can’t wait for their debut album and all the wonders that they have in store for the Philippine music scene.

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