A song about the acceptance of a breakup has never been this poetically beautiful. ‘Alon’ by Aly Remulla is the post-breakup song you never knew you needed.

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We’re claiming it, ‘Alon’ by Aly Remulla is the newest beautifully poetic song about the acceptance of a breakup. And as its title suggest, it will surely make you long for the embrace of the ocean waves.

Whether or not this is true for you, for us, there is just something about the ocean that is so therapeutic. Maybe it’s the coming and the going of the tide, as it washes away your footprints in the sand. That to us says, “this too shall pass.” And maybe that’s why a lot of us seek refuge on the shores of beaches when we need a break from life.

And just like the waves of the ocean, ‘Alon’ by Aly Remulla will hit you with wave after wave of emotions. It was released just last October 31 under O/C Records.

‘Alon’ by Aly Remulla

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Artwork by Gianna Soliman

The one line that struck us the most from ‘Alon’ by Remulla is when she says that there’s nothing she can do if the person she loves wants to be free. And that if they ever cross paths again after their hearts have healed, she asks if they would still consider their love⁠—because she would. And if that isn’t emotional maturity, I don’t know what is.

Mapipigil ba kung nais mong lumaya na?

But also, for now, she is ready to move on and focus on her own life. In other words, time for some #SelfLove.

Gising sinta, alon ng dagat ay hahampas na

Halik ng kahapon ay nag-paalam na

At handa na akong sumabay sa pag-agos ng aking mundo

Pakinggan ang himig at bulong ng puso ko

So if you’re just about done crying, and ready to move on. We highly suggest that you listen to ‘Alon’ by Aly Remulla right now!


We know a lot of you are taking this weekend to get away. And whether that’s to get away from work, heartbreak, or just life in general ‘Alon’ by Aly Remulla is a must-add to your weekend playlist. Especially if you’re heading to the beach. So don’t sleep on this track, because we’re absolutely in love with it!

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