Get ready to drown yourself with the beautiful feeling of love while being serenaded by Over October with their new single called ‘Alive’!

Listen here, guys! ‘Alive’ by Over October is seriously giving us that chill and rainy-weather song kind-of-vibes. Over October is a pop/alternative rock band formed in 2014!

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The band is composed of Josh Buizon (on lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Josh Lua (on lead guitar), Janessa Geronimo (on the drums), and Joric Canlas (on the bass).

Well, you may have heard them from their previous singles, ‘Mr. Sun‘, ‘w‘, ‘Never Stop’, and ‘Free’, which all have the same feel as ‘Alive’. It’s the type of song which will make you feel loved single or not. Haha.

The Filipino version of Coldplay?

Wait, sorry, sis, but can we first talk about Josh’s incredibly enchanting voice? The way he serenades is giving us goosebumps because he seriously sounds like Chris Martin?! Wah, eargasm!

After hearing ‘Alive’, it’s now definitely our new go-to song on cold rainy evenings. We recommend you listen to it while drinking some coffee or tea and just enjoy God’s gift of music.

Sis, if you fell in love with this band after listening to ‘Alive’ then you better watch out because the group is currently recording their debut album and is set to release it by 2019! Waaah! The fangirls in us are screaming!!!

And can we bring up how this band is seriously aesthetic? If you see their album covers, you’ll definitely not regret that you stanned this band! Well, if you haven’t listened to ‘Alive’, we recommend you listen to it right now!!! Don’t miss the good stuff because it’s def worth it!

What do you think of Over October’s ‘Alive’? Did you find the perfect go-to song for this rainy weather? Share with us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. And stay tuned for more stories!