Alex Gonzaga is redefining Pinoy hip-hop with her new song, ‘G’, featuring Mimiyuuuh, Perea Street, and G-Force!

On Friday, Alex Gonzaga dropped the music video of her latest song, ‘G’. And when we tell you it’s one hell of a video, we guarantee you, it is! Get ready to laugh until you can’t!

Featuring the Youtube star, Mimiyuuuh, streetwear trio, Perea Street, and dance group, G-Force, we see them having fun and strutting their stuff along Perea Street. Will this be our newest favorite Pinoy hip-hop song to jam to?

Adding more fun to the experience, the #AlwaysG crew is joined by the very people representing Perea Street—from security guards, traffic enforcers to our local and friendly jollijeep and street food vendors.

When In Manila

‘G culture

“G” in slang means accepting an invite from a friend or someone you know. Even more, Filipino culture today can be defined as happy-go-lucky people. Spending the day with your friends and just having, that’s what makes Alex’s ‘G’ music video relatable to many of us!

In case you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is!

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