“If you’re not on spring break, listening to the song will take you right there,” says the singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell.

If you haven’t streamed AJ Mitchell’s “Spring Break” which came out last March 6 then you’re definitely missing out on the bop of the season! This new single, co-written by the 18-year old artist himself, boasts of a refreshing blend of pop and r&b as well as slick bars brought to you by the featured rapper, Rich the Kid.

“I haven’t really made a song like this before and I’m excited for people to hear a new side to me. I’ve always liked challenging myself and making different kinds of music, so it was nice to make something so carefree and fun.” the artist said of the creative process he went through co-writing the new single.

Coming from more soulful, melodramatic hits like “Slow Dance” and “Used to Be”, AJ shifts his gears toward a more light and spirited feel with “Spring Break” and takes you, quite literally, to the beach (stream the MV out on youtube now!).

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