Callalily frontman and O/C Records CEO Kean Cipriano releases his latest single ‘Later When I’m Drunk’ today, April 10.

His debut single as a solo artist under O/C records takes listeners to a warm, passionate evening at a dimly lit bar.


OPM rock icon Kean Cipriano first took to Twitter to ask his fans to share their #DrunkStories. Some responses he got were wild, some were embarrassing, and some were straight-up cringe-fest.

Well, these #DrunkStories serve as a reminder to drink moderately and responsibly. When we indulge excessively, we end up making a mess out of ourselves. Worse, too much drinking can lead to dangerous situations.

Kean Cipriano narrates his own drunk story through a song called Later When I’m Drunk.

Later When I’m Drunk


It’s a slow, sexy, groovy track that portrays a man’s encounter with a lovely stranger at a bar. He wants to engage her in a conversation that would hopefully transfer the two of them to another place– somewhere private and much darker. But the problem is the man is scared to give it a shot. He needs alcohol-driven confidence to approach the stranger. And so he drinks some more, patiently waiting for the beer to kick in until he gets the guts to finally talk– only to find out in the end that she’s already taken. In fact, the lucky guy has been waiting outside the area, ready to take her home.

What’s amazing about this song is that it’s far from the usual Callalily sound we’ve grown fond of hearing. It’s got an added kick of pop rock, and it’s arguably the sexiest song from the artist up to date. Also, the combination of the slow tempo, sick basslines, and Kean’s raspy voice gives the feeling like the sound is crawling inside you, making you feel warmer and flirty. Overall, listening to it makes you long for those evening drinking sessions at the bar. We hope this global pandemic ends soon so we can make new #DrunkStories again.

You can now stream ‘Later When I’m Drunk’ on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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