6LACK knows the right way of coping with heartbreak: drop a new track for his fans to love. His February release of Valentine’s Day track Cutting Ties is definitely not his last opening up of unfortunate love encounters. His fragile heart speaks in the latest single “Switch”. 6LACK teased his new track hours before the rapper fully released it at the stroke of midnight on June 22.

Ty Dolla $ign

The rapper starts the song with TY Dolla $ign saying how he fantasizes the thought of escaping the cameras leading him to seek the titular Switch. His song could hint on how his present status clouds much of his personal life leaving him unable to move freely. The chorus tackles this craving.

Now switch (switch)

Tell me how it feels (feels)

To be somebody else (else)

Now switch (switch)

It wasn’t what you thought it was (was)

Another story to tell

Further into the song, 6LACK sings about a former flame and how he failed to notice changes that eventually extinguished the relationship. Near the end of the second verse, the song goes as:

A small town girl, now she all famous (switch)

Maybe it’s my fault now, ain’t like I’ve been livin’ in the dark nah

I told you everything from the start

And you the one that had a change of heart

6LACK goes more personal as his song closes: “I’m thinking I should speed it up/To get away from all the media/I’m human, don’t you think I had enough?” With these lyrics playing on ambient synth tones and Ty echoing in the background to serve as his subconscious, 6LACK has brought forth another little treat -turning the negative to a gift his fans are ought to love.

6LACK is currently on the road with Chris Brown in his Heartbreak on a Full Moon Tour. You can check out his latest track down below.