The Chicosci new single is a Revalation! The music video for it went out this month, and we’re still not over it.

Can you blame us? We literally had to wait for them themselves to say that it’s been ‘500 years‘ for a Chicosci new release with Buzzin’. And now the Revalation! is finally here.

And because we waited more than 500 years for this, we’re listing down 500 things we love about the video! Okay, maybe not 500, but if you can feel our love for this music video, each

100. It’s a hAist!

Move over Ocean’s 13, 12, 11, and 8! Miggy Chavez, Mong Alcaraz, Xariel Lumanlan, Eco del Rio, and Macoy Estacio are in the building.

And yes, we know it’s spelled with an “E”. But, like the band, we chose to use the letter “A” to spell our word, plus an exclamation point to boot! Deal with it.

Our Ocean’s 5 is here to undertake the biggest heist there ever was. You better ready your blasters, masks, and for this. We’re ready.

200. B.P. Valenzuela Cameo

The band got nonother than B.P. Valenzuela for the female vocals of the song. So, of course, she got the best part in the video.

You need to watch it till the very end to see what we mean!

300. The costumes!

Masks, mustaches, blasters, and shades. Come on, if any music video is worth the over-500-years wait, this is definitely it!

400. The Acting

You must’ve seen the video poster. This is video definitely got a lot of awards. We mean, Best Key Grip, Best Best Boy, and Team Spirit Award? This is definitely one for the books!

Raise your blasters if you think it should win a VMA!

500. The Twist At The End Of The Video

If you stopped the video just after the song, play it back right now! The refrain plays again for a little while after it ends.

And this is when the award-winning twist surprises the pants off of you.

This was definitely a fun video, and we’re h y p e d! One thing’s for sure, we cannot wait another 500+ years for another Chicosci new single.