Sick and tired of romance? Lucid Moon’s 2-track EP might just make you believe in love again!

Serene and venereal, this is probably the best way to describe Lucid Moon’s 2-track EP! It contains ‘Dito Na Lang’ and ‘Ang Labo Mo Naman’. Offering us polarizing views on love, this EP might just be the one you need to save a bad day!

Lucid Moon

Before we indulge ourselves with great music, let’s first get to know the band that created them! For starters, Lucid Moon is a pop-rock band formed in 2018. They are relatively new to the scene. In fact, ‘Dito Na Lang’ and ‘Ang Labo Mo Naman’ are their first two singles on Spotify! Nonetheless, we can say that their music doesn’t sound like it. They have the skills of seasoned musicians despite being only 14-22 years of age, definitely telling us that we’re in for more treats from this band. We can’t wait to hear their next drops!

Dito Na Lang

Dito na lang ako

Di na lalayong muli sa iyo

Mananatili na lang sa tabi mo

Wag mo akong bibitawan

‘Dito Na Lang’ opens the show for the 2-track EP. With its venereal vocals and lyrics that are sure to make you go “Aww,”, ‘Dito Na Lang’ talks about loving someone so much, you can’t imagine life without them. You just want t stay by their side and never leave! In life, we’ll meet temporary people. But then there are people for whom we’d be willing to break our own rules and believe in second chances. Those are the type of people to never let go! This song perfectly encapsulates that rushing emotion, and you can actually feel the love in your heart as you listen to it.

Ang Labo Mo Naman

Ano ang nais mong marinig na ayaw mong sabihin

Hindi ko kasalanang di mapansin ang ayaw mong aminin

Sandali na lamang tayo magkakasama

Tapos ganyan pa, ganyan ba?

Ang labo mo naman

Unlike the first song which had female vocals, we are serenaded by a male vocal, most probably from their male vocalist, Airron. In contrast to the message that the first song had, this one takes a side of love that’s not so ideal. The song talks about a relationship spiraling down due to senseless fights and second guessing. In the song, the guy was practically saying that their love would just be a big waste if they don’t work things out!

Definitely stream the EP on Spotify. We promise you won’t regret it!

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