With a bittersweet feeling trickling down, the official music video of ‘109:44’ by Blessie Azul breaks our heart slowly but surely.

Dropping the music video of her latest single, Blessie Azul brings a brand new narrative to her collection. Her latest single, ‘109:44’ sounded like a romantic ballad perfect for happy couples. And that’s what we all love. A song we can dedicate to our significant others. However, as the music video ‘109:44’ drops, we’re served an agonizing story no one ever saw coming.

Indie darling, Blessie Azul has been making good music for the soul. The 23-year old singer-songwriter usually writes about the beauty of life. Her eloquent sound of soul, folk, pop, and acoustics offers a breath of fresh air to the vast music in the local scene. And with her newest music video, she proves, time and time again, that her voice offers a vivid story for both your happy or aching hearts.

A heartbreak wrapped in a positive romantic warmth

‘109:44’ brings a soothing melody. A somber, romantic ballad about asking for more time to be with your beloved. The acoustics perfectly emphasize the serenity of the song. And it has its enigmatic effect to it as well.

Not to mention, the music video was mysterious as it was ambiguous. At first, it looked romantically happy. With all the couples being lovey-dovey and all. But as soon as the 2nd half of the song entered, we’re shown a different meaning of the song. Gone is the radiating positivity. It was replaced instead by the slow, agonizing pain of losing someone. And right there and then you’d realize that the lyrics aren’t just asking for a moment, just for the romantic kicks. But it calls out, begging for a few moments or for time to stop so they can still live within it with the person they love. And never let go from it. Somehow, it makes you think that love is an addictive feeling.

‘109:44’ really had everyone falling for the deceptive facade. But at the same time, it’s bittersweet for everyone. So you better stream 109:44 by Blessie Azul in Spotify!

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