A fresh song perfect for the cozy sweater weather, Late Night Drive by KEN gives you the major vibes to go on a road trip!

Once more, a new player shows up in town! KEN debuts their first single, Late Night Drive under Warner Music. And it perfectly fits the rainy season. Either you’re planning to go on a road trip or cozy up in bed, the song will help you chill out, whenever, wherever.

If you haven’t heard of KEN, it’s a three-piece synth-pop group composed of Kristine Gamponia, Edsel Perona and Nimrod Babaran. They emerged just recently this year on the local music scene. Started out covering songs for fun back in 2012, they came back together to follow their passion in creating their own music.

They derive their music from a variety of music genres. Particularly pop, jazz, alternative rock and contemporary R&B. Despite being under the radar for quite some time, they’re on the verge of resurfacing with a brand new tune to love.

Late Night Drive

Late night drive, dancing under the street lights

Late night drive, never felt so alive

Late Night Drive isn’t ground breaking for someone’s first single. However, it is remarkable, especially being obscenely catchy. Not to mention, it has this certain thematic depth despite the simple concept.

If you listen to it, Late Night Drive talks about going for a long road trip. And unexpectedly, through late night drives, feelings and relationship blossom. But at the same time, there’s a certain ambiguity between the lines of the song. At one point, it can present the idea of wanting to escape reality with people closest to you, through an adventure of a lifetime.

Though it misses that certain hooking drop, it’s song you can perfectly chill to. So you better check out Late Night Drive by KEN in Spotify!

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