Contrasting to its upbeat tune, Lamang Lupa by Unique hides a deep and dark story about life and death.

Once again, O/C Records’ star artist, Unique, continues to impress us with his latest single, ‘Lamang Lupa’. Staying true to himself as an odd creature of O/C Records, his newest track brings a cryptic message perfect for everyone.

Unique Salonga has always been enigmatic from the start. A man of few words, he shows himself as mysterious yet quirky at the same time. And it seems to show in his latest drop. ‘Lamang Lupa’ shows off a bright and energizing facade. As if buzzing with energy and positivity, its album art pops out with bright pastel colors. While his music features upbeat yet trippy synths and beats and a fast-paced tempo that you’d bop your head to. But the thing is, ‘Lamang Lupa’ is darker than what it seems to be.

Lamang Lupa

Unique really outdone himself this time. Lamang Lupa offers a great deal of self-realization about life and death. If you read between the lines of the song, it talks about death in particular. How we fear death and the existential dread that lurks behind the shadows. Even though it starts off with buzzing ecstatic energy, it ends with a distorted tune proving the point of the lyrics of the song.

It’s like telling you that no matter how hard you mask your life with all the positivity in the world, the fear stays. It lurks in the back of your mind, like monsters in the shadows waiting to pounce on you on your lowest. That’s how dark it gets. No wonder Unique has been posting cryptic and dark tweets for the past few weeks.

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Anyway, you better stream ‘Lamang Lupa’ by Unique on Spotify!

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