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OMG CL is actually coming back! #CLisBack

CL is back, bitches!

She goes by the name of CL of 2NE1. It’s been a long time coming but CL is back!

Late last night, our queen of Kpop, Miss Lee Chae-lin, CL of 2NE1, had the audacity to shake up our worlds, announcing that she’s got “something fun for us tomorrow”. In the sense of time, that’s today. And by today, I mean earlier this morning, she just dropped a scrumptious appetizer and we gratefully devoured because CL is back!

Behold, CL is actually back, ladies and gentlemen!

As of writing, 7 hours had passed since CL released her teaser videos via her official Twitter and Instagram where we see a glammed-up queen CL dancing around, singing, while a trap beat plays and a text flashes that says “I go by the name of, you already know.” The power, honestly.

Though they were slightly cryptic with no mention of an actual upcoming project, a few GZBZ (CL’s fandom) did some snooping around and found an article in Korean platform, Naver. The article (http://m.viva100.com/view.php?key=20200902010000475) confirmed that, according to a member of CL’s team, the video, new photos, and new logo, were all teasers for a new album in the works!

A few minutes after news had made rounds that CL is back, the Twitter world blew up with tweets bearing the hashtag, #CL_IS_BACK. Like you would expect of a fandom thirsty for some content from their idol (ehem, queen), this started a wave of the best of CL because truly, that bad bitch energy is what we need to overcome the crisis we are all facing right now.

This tweet which reminds us that one of our core principles which has kept us #hustlin’ was inspired by none other than the #hustle queen herself. I mean she carved her own way into American pop!

This tweet you should read in case you didn’t get the whole point of the teaser.

This snippet of a song which the true Blackjack/GZBZ started singing right after she saw #CL_IS_BACK.

Or if you didn’t sing that one, you probably did something like this guy did.

Remember that when your unnie is making a comeback, you support!

Yes! That is very powerful. If that didn’t move you to tears, sister, I don’t know what will!

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So, yes, CL is back, baby and it feels so damn good!

Please Wait ...

Doesn’t CL just look so stunning?

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