Kodaline releases first ever Christmas song ‘This Must Be Christmas’

Irish band Kodaline just released their first ever Christmas song 'This Must Be Christmas'

Kodaline is the gift that keeps on giving this Holiday season!

We can’t deny the fact the 2020 has really been a tough year for everyone in the world. Looking back, the last time we were out and about was Christmas season of 2019, then the global pandemic hit and forced us to stay locked in the safety of our homes. Anxiety attacks have been real and a lot of us may have felt hopeless during these times. But, despite everything that’s happening in the world, the Christmas season is here to give hope and light in our lives. 

Bringing a smile to everyone’s face is Irish band Kodaline who just released their first-ever Christmas song ‘This Must Be Christmas’ which according to the band was inspired by The Pogues’ ‘Fairytale Of New York’.

We’ve always wanted to write a Christmas song but we never actually got around to doing it until now.

Check out the music video and feel the warmth of Kodaline’s ‘This Must Be Christmas’

‘One Day At A Time’: Deluxe Edition

The band’s Christmas song is part of the Deluxe edition of their fourth album ‘One Day At A Time’. Aside from ‘This Must Be Christmas’, three more tracks were added in the new edition including ‘Teenage Kicks’, ‘The Rare Auld Time’, and ‘Everyone Changes’ with Gabrielle Aplin. Last October, the band treated their fans with an acoustic version of ‘Everyone Changes’:

Stream ‘One Day At A Time’ in its entirety here:

What’s your favorite track from Kodaline’s ‘One Day At A Time’ album? Tell us in the comments!

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