Let’s get a little bit closer to this new act, Peach Tree Rascals as they answered all of our questions through an exclusive interview via Zoom!

Even though we’re all hunkered down at homes in the midst of this pandemic, Peach Tree Rascals are currently still slating online interviews to definitely share their music around the world. Well, thanks to MCA music, U DO U had the opportunity to take part in an online interview with the whole band!

Hailing from Bay Area, this five-piece band shared more about their track ‘Mariposa‘ and of course, enthusiastically spilled the beans about themselves. Watch their full interview below!


Their viral track, ‘Mariposa‘, was inspired by Barros’ love of guitar playing. He mentioned how he was suddenly overwhelmed with inspiration as he created the track’s main framework which was surprisingly completed in just a day. The band underpins the concept of the metamorphosis of ‘Mariposa’ or ‘Butterfly that enables the release of our true self. They as well likened the song to how we should shine by freeing ourselves from insecurities.

The Story Behind

We’ll likely not be able to hear their notable genre-blurring bop—if they haven’t formed this band. And like many of you out there, we wanted to get to know them more.  We were lucky enough during the Zoom Interview to dive underneath the roots of Peach Tree Rascals—knowing more about their friendship and their growing big family.

They shared with us how as young as they were back in high school when they eventually formed a group. It was not after they learned to produce songs that they saw how they can come collectively to form a unique sound! And, after that, they finally met their creative director Jorge Olazaba who finally completed their sound.

The collective is comprised of Dom, ‘Isaac’, Tarrek, Joseph, and Jorge. And after speaking with them for over an hour,  we can say that this rising band definitely is a bunch of humble guys, who just love to create and share their music. Also, if you have watched the interview video, you can see that these lads are happily trying to make the best that they can even in times like this.

“We’ve been together throughout this entire period, so it’s always been good to have our friends around like anytime so there’s really never a dull moment even when everything that’s going on and it just feel good to have those people with you at all times” expressed by Isaac during the interview.

About Their Music

With their unique tracks, you can definitely enjoy a musicality that is likened to some familiar vibes like The Weeknd and Rex Orange County (if they had a baby). Which as a fun fact is something that the band admits to being one of their finest moments?.

“That makes me feel great because that’s a two great artists and that it’s kinda funny because it’s kinda true” the band  added.

The band also shared artists that they want to collaborate with as well as those who they want to work with, some of the notable ones are Harry Styles, Kendric Lamar, John Mayer (We definitely think that these collabs would be just the bomb!).

At the later part of the interview, we saw how the band expressed what it feels like to be bombarded with gloomy feelings of not totally being fine, especially with the current predicament we are all facing. So, Isaac shared that their latest track called ‘Not Okay‘ which is like a love letter for everyone who also feels the same way. He expressed that this can be your go-to song whenever you feel low.


To wrap it up! The band expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the entire Filipino community as they have been overwhelmed with the support they are receiving from their Filipino fans. Especially our own Filipino representatives from the collective Joseph & Jasper! Maybe, after this pandemic, we could finally hear Peach Tree Rascal Live here in the Philippines!

For now, let’s continually stream their viral track ‘Mariposa’ that peaked at #28 at Spotify PH’s Top 5! You can follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


Which is your favorite track from Peach Tree Rascals?

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