The heat is on. Not only up there, at the clear blue sky, but also in our local indie music scene as these fresh OPM goodies are sure to make you feel the summer vibe.

Image Credit: Ethan Robinson on Unsplash

From snowless winter to a merciless summer real quick

Just a couple of weeks ago, we could hardly last an hour being out in the streets due to the freezing temperature. Now, we all have something new to whine about: that dry, scorching heat that gets us all sweaty as early as seven in the morning.

Summertime is back. It’s good and bad at the same time: good because now is the time again for those good, old-fashioned roadtrips and beach outings. I, for one, am a beach bum so I feel giddy just thinking about all the trips that await me in the coming weeks. However, the world’s greatest killjoy named Coronavirus has been canceling events and ruining everything for us. And so for our own safety, we might as well tame the wanderlust inside of us. For safety purposes, it would be better to refrain from going out as much as necessary.

Well, we can’t let the virus destroy the fun completely, can we? We can still enjoy the summer vibes at the comforts of our own home. Or in our office. Or whatever. Here, has got you a fresh selection of indie picks sure give let you feel the summer spirit, wherever you are.

Bawat Araw by Hans Dimayuga

Summer isn’t all fun and beach volleyball. It’s also lying in your bed on a Sunday afternoon, drawing nostalgic eagerness from the rays of sunlight passing through your bedroom window. Before, we had Noel Cabangon’s Kanlungan serenading our ears during these melancholic moments. But check out Hans Dimayuga’s Bawat Araw.

Sunset Chaser by Ragamuffs

People enjoy looking at beautiful things. Sunrise and sunset are two of the most wonderful natural beauties our eyes can see. Moreover, it’s a proven psychological fact that watching the sunset gives us a better sense of gratitude for the earth. This is why we’re so drawn to it, staring up at that warm, orange glow in the horizon before the day ends.

Now, play this retro, awe-inducing track by Ragamuffs in your sunset viewing. 

Adore You by Inah Dig

Lying on the beach under the palm trees, admiring the cool, dry breeze on your skin. If you were able to turn this picture into a reality, then good for you. But if it remains just a dream or plan inside your head since your parents would not allow you to go on adventures in the meantime, Inah Dig has your back!

Just listen to her sweet voice harmoniously accompanied by acoustic guitar and strings as she expresses her fondness of someone through a song. It’s got the summer vibe that can ease your heart’s longing for some vitamin sea.

Moonlight by Danzz

When the day breaks and the darkness falls, summer doesn’t end. We have what we call Summer Nights, and this track by Danzz is a good background music whenever you’re having one of those long, lonely nights.

Any more OPM summer songs you’d like to add?

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