Stages Sessions will be presenting Keiko Necesario’s EP Launch for “[escape]” on June 30 at the Route 196 in Katipunan.

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Keiko Necessario has been making rounds of live perfomances and fans will have a big treat as she will be launching her second EP. The “[escape]” album was conceptualized and created for over a year.

Keiko Necesario Escape Launch

Fans will get to hear Keiko’s “Electro-folk” genre in the new album. It just proves that she can do more than acoustic songs.

“If the first album was mellow, then this next one is more powerful and loud,” said Keiko in a press release.

Escape and Change

Keiko also said that the she is hoping the album will inspire fans to adapt to change with that they have. Change is the only constant thing after all.

Besides Keiko, there will be other local artists performing at the album launch as well. QUEST, Tom’s Story, and Curtismith will be singing their songs as well.

Stages Sessions will be presenting the event as part of their goal to support our local artists. Route 196 sits at the heart of Katipunan and tickets for Keiko’s EP launch will be available at the Stages Sessions official website for PHP 400.

Therefore, learn more about Keiko in UDOU PH’s coverage of a the recent Stages Sessions Gig Circuit at ROute 196. If you want to show support for our local artists as well or if you’d like a copy of the “[escape]” album, head on over to the EP launch on June 30. To tide you over, watch Keiko perform below:

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Escape with Keiko