Kean Cipriano Drops a New Dedication Single, ‘Make Me Fly’

Callalily’s frontman just released his third solo single, ‘Make Me Fly’ and it is totally off the charts!

O/C Records CEO and OPM rock icon, Kean Cipriano gives us a refreshing new track with his smooth, alternative, and jazz driven dedication track through his newly-released single ‘Make Me Fly‘.

Here’s the 411: Basically after listening and having the song on repeat; it made me reminisce the previous relationship that I had with the person who for me is my “The One That Got Away” That singe being who was able to make me FEEL that I CAN & WILL be able to MAKE IT! Relate much? IKR? Go on, freely listen to it below, and I am 100% sure you will love it as much as we did!


What sets it apart?

Additionally, ‘Make Me Fly’ is also far from the usual Callalily sound we’ve grown fond of hearing. It is imbued with a heavily romantic vibe driventhat somehow still manages to transition into a smooth, feel-good beat love song that doesn’t fall into the equally trendy and widespread sad boy-ish, indie pop sound that is prevalent today, which BTW is so satisfying to the ear!

Make Me Fly – the animation

What’s more interesting about his new single is that he complimented it with an animated music video and the best part? He is also the one who directed it! Yay! Have you seen it? If not, you definitely should! It’s totally whimsical and brings me a remnant feel of The Little Prince, right?

As someone whose sole job is to create and curate visually captivating content — this particular work from Kean is truly a masterpiece! Right from the lyrics down to its interpretative animation video. If I break it down, I’d say he did it so right — from the right choices of the color tone to the flawless animated character and motion graphics, we could say that ‘Make Me Fly’ is a tremendously successful project of Kean, and we are so blessed to have it during these trying times. 

“First time ko mag direct ng music video na animation. Thanks to my collaborator / animator @ajabelardo for making this happen!First time ko mag direct ng music video na animation.”- Kean Cipriano

Additionally, Kean also personally wanted us to listen to his latest track and we indeed appreciate his fresh sound! Etched with cherry melodies and rendered with an animated music video, no doubt that everybody would truly fall in love with ‘Make Me Fly’.

More to come!

Also, did you know? that this third solo single from Kean is an installment for his upcoming solo album that will be released under O/C Records! Isn’t it exciting? We bet that Kean will be delivering a full blown array of songs that’s unique and is a breath of fresh air like this kind of track. 

For now, we highly encourage you to support and stream Make Me Fly by Kean Cipriano which is dedicated for those who have been with us from our lowest lows to our highest flights to the sky.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates about Kean Cipriano’s upcoming album! Oh, and since we love him, here is a playlist of his other tracks Enjoy!

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What do you think about Kean Cipriano’s ‘Make Me Fly’?

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