They played their cards just right and won over at least one new Hidden Card–me.

The co-ed foursome is back after a 6-month break since their last mini-album release, Red Moon, in February. Coming back fresher than ever with their hot track “Gun Shot” garnering 2 million views in less than 24 hours, this quartet has definitely gone a long way since their debut “Hola Hola” era.


Deviating from their usual pop bop style, this comeback track is just oozing with ferocity where each member had really shone their inner wildfire. Gun shot is an anthem for those who just want to be able to easily kill their old selves who keep coming back to the painful words they’ve received when all they want is to just stop bleeding.

However, with the sometimes overwhelming sounds and visuals, we seem to lose track of the message hence why watching the concept video, the MV stripped to the bare minimum, is vital.


In the concept video, we see each member mulling about their own woes and struggling to breathe especially with cameras surrounding them, not sparing a single every angle. This is then elaborated in the music video with each of them poetically detailing the intricacies of their dark sides in their own parts of the song and their acting alongside it–it’s just a sight to behold!

We first got a taste of their majesty in acting through the “You in Me” MV released a year ago but the fans only applauded the maknae, Jiwoo’s acting then. Hidden Kards (the group’s official fandom) noted that during this comeback, not only did Jiwoo’s acting game step up a notch but all the rest of the members’ as well!

We marvel at JSeph’s monologue with the stitched up Balaklava which seems to denote the broken mask he used to wear. We gawk at leader Somin’s intense pencil sharpening that honestly could have spelled weird had it not been for that stare which just made us marvel all the more.

We revere BM’s ‘young mafia with daddy issues’ vibe which just brought out a whole new side to the otherwise bland character he usually played. And of course, Jiwoo, my god we utterly bow down to her entire performance but we put a premium on her final scene where she literally shot her old self.

Overall, Gun Shot is just such an artful blessing to humanity because we are reminded that KARD is not a bed–so why are we sleeping on them? I am now awake to the truth of KARD’s divine talents and have pledged to stan.

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