And we’re inviting you to the MV launch!

With more and more local artists paving way for Filipino music, a new collective is pushing the scene to greater possibilities. Agaron will be dropping its first single, ‘Kalayo’as one of the first Pinoy Waray hip-hop songs made this coming February 20!

Translated to “fire” from the dialect, ‘Kalayo’ is a song expressing intimate nights that are often kept in secret between couples. But what’s more captivating is how the lyrics, which were composed of the Eastern Visayan native language and English, were well executed and fitted together nicely.

Bisan na matugnaw duro’t kapaso
Your body is on fire sanglit may nag-aaso
Tell me what you wanna do now yakni la ako
Puydi ta paglarabun it gab-i hasta maabo
Baga baga’n may kalayo

English translation:

Because even though it’s cold it’s too hot
Your body is on fire that’s why it’s smoking
Tell me what you wanna do now tell me
We can make it burn until its ashes
Like there is a fire

And did we mention the solid drops and catchy rhythm of ‘Kalayo’ that’ll surely bring out the burning desires in you? After listening to it, we’re convinced of it’s potential having a place in the mainstream. Listen to it right here:

‘Kalayo’ MV launch

[media-credit name=”Soulfiesta” align=”alignnone” width=”630″]Agaron Kalayo Music Video Launch Poster[/media-credit]

Kickstarting their career as a group, they will be first launching the ‘Kalayo’ music video on Feb 20, 2020, at House Manila with Marija Debelic, CLR, ExBatallion. The MV was directed by J. Estacio of Hellasolid and it will be featuring a special guest who is none other than Maria Ozawa! You can also catch the video later on YouTube on Feb 21 at 9 PM.

Who is Agaron?

[media-credit name=”Soulfiesta” align=”alignnone” width=”800″]Agaron[/media-credit]

Signed under Waray Waray Worldwide, this rap trio includes Archie “Franchize” Malate, Kim “Deadkey” Obejas, and Daniel “Denial” Ytterdahl, who were all solo acts before forming the group. But what makes them unique is they are multilingual–speaking in Waray, Tagalog, Japanese and English. Despite the diversity of their language, they’re united by their passion for hip-hop and their goal to push Waray to the forefront of the mainstream.

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What do you think of about Agaron as one of the first Pinoy Waray hip-hop group? And how do you feel about their song ‘Kalayo’? Will you be attending the launch?

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