Justin Bieber’s ‘Holy’ Short Film is the Change We Want To See In The World

Bieber and Chance the Rapper reunite for a brand new track ‘Holy’ and debut a short film directed by Colin Tilley.

Justin Bieber just dropped a new single that gives us the feels of gospel-tinged “Holy” featuring Chance the Rapper. On top of that, their groundbreaking collaboration kicked-off the ‘New Era’ that he was embarking on his social media posts.

This marks the second time the artists have teamed up, following their 2013 track for Bieber’s compilation album, Journals. In case you forgot, Chance hopped on Bieber’s single called “Confident.” 

Before the world premiere of the official video for ‘Holy‘, the two big stars hosted a live stream on Bieber’s Youtube channel. Check out their meaningful conversation below!


In the video

With all that’s going on in the world, ‘Holy’ arrives with a Colin Tilley-directed music video. Just like what Bieber teased in the past few days, we could see how he bathed himself with dirt and worked in a class factory that shut down due to the “ongoing global situation”.

The music video for his new Christian-pop song also features Wilmer Valderrama who appeared at the end of the short film as a soldier ostensibly home from war who invites Bieber and his wife to his home for a meal. That’s the part where Bieber wanted us to learn something about camaraderie and hope. 

At the bridge of the track, Chance dropped his sharp bars that pertain to faith and as he sang it, he seemed like preaching to us about repentance. Watch the video below and see it play out for yourself. 


Bieber said on Twitter that “Holy” marked the beginning of a “new era.” His longtime manager Scooter Braun told Beliebers that there is “so much more to come you have no idea”. Yay! I am betting that all Beliebers are excited about this great news!

In the meantime, ‘Holy’ music video/short film holds a great message that we should pass on others, so let’s continue streaming and sharing Bieber’s new track! Well, if you missed his classic songs, stream it down on Spotify!


What do you think about the new Christian-pop track of Justin Bieber ‘Holy’?

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