Justin Bieber’s story of heartbreaks, failures, moving on and finding a new purpose continues.

This time, the pop superstar is taking us back to his My World era through a heartfelt cover of his smash hit ‘That Should Be Me.’

A glimpse of the next chapter

The story you make today is the result of stories you’ve lived through in the past. That’s one of the key messages in the Canadian singer’s latest docuseries Justin Bieber: Next Chapter, the sequel to record-breaking Justin Bieber: Seasons that’s meant to uncover Bieber’s life as a full-grown man who’s had some eye-opening realizations along the way.

And as part of this whole new ride, the 26-year-old artist is revisiting a dark alleyway that he once found himself lost in– that point in his career where he, despite dominating charts after charts, felt the crushing loneliness of being on top. In a short but sweet cover of his 2011’s ‘That Should Be Me’ featuring Eddie Benjamin, Bieber shows the world how much he’s grown– both as a music artist and as a human being.

Bittersweet throwback

The tenth and the final track off of Bieber’s debut album, ‘My World 2.0,’ ‘That Should Be Me’ is a slow, orchestral ballad about losing a lover and the regrets you feel once you start seeing them with someone else. It was generally well-received by critics and debuted at number 92 on the Billboard Hot 100.


In 2011, Justin Bieber released a new rendition of the song, this time with American country band Rascall Flatts. It’s one of the first collaborations Bieber has had with an established musical act, and one of the best according to the OG beliebers who occasionally flock to Justin’s older hits on YouTube if they want a dose of nostalgic eagerness.

Justin was around 17 when this collab came out– an age where, as we would later find out, he was struggling to cope with the circumstances of being in the center of the public eye while all you need is guidance and a healthy support system. Almost a decade later, Bieber is looking back at this point in his life through his newfound lenses.

That Should Be Me ft. Eddie Benjamin


With the younger Eddie Benjamin playing his acoustic guitar, Bieber kicks off the first verse. Comparing the OG version from this new cover, it’s evident how Bieber’s vocals have matured over the years. While it retains the comforting soulfulness fans have loved about it from the start, it sounds much bigger now than what you’d hear in the 2011 version.

It’s also interesting to note that Justin was way younger when he wrote and performed the song for the first time. Suffice it to say that he wasn’t as experienced as he is now when it comes to love and heartbreak; he was singing about the pain he had yet to fully wrap his head around.

His 2020 version sounds more sincere. He knows by heart the message of the song, and as an audience, we can feel it– the pain, the yearning, and the mature understanding of what is going on inside the artist’s mind each time he utters the line, “That should be me.” 

After the first chorus, the video cuts to a sentimental conversation between the two artists, with Benjamin asking Bieber some wisdom on dealing with pressure-inducing popularity. Benjamin takes charge of the next verses up to the last chorus, clearly impressing his company with his raw talent. Justin chimes in at some parts to harmonize, resulting in a sumptuous blending of their voices.

It’s an endearing moment to watch, a teacher relaying his own learnings with a student who is just about to head off the same path. More than that, one can’t help but feel a sense of awe and respect towards Justin Bieber, who went through some rough patches, took care of himself when no one did, and is now standing tall, bringing light to those who need it.

This heartrending cover, along with the coaching session with Eddie Benjamin is just a glimpse of the entire chapter that Bieber is unfolding with us. For the full special documentary event ‘Justine Bieber: Next Chapter’ check it out below!


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