Fame and money can take its toll on a kid. That’s the heart-rending message Justin Bieber is telling us with his newly released ‘Lonely.’

Justin Bieber’s struggles as someone who achieved stardom at an early age are not breaking news to us. But to hear it coming directly from the man himself is both eye-opening and a little heartbreaking, to be honest.

The pop star dropped on Friday his latest single ‘Lonely’ featuring American record producer benny blanco. It came with a music video starring 14-year-old Jacob Tremblay (Wonder, Room) who takes on the role of a young Justin Bieber. Wearing Bieber’s signature swept bangs and white-purple hoodie from his “My World” era, Tremblay reenacts the young singer who is seen in an isolated dressing room before being told by benny blanco that it’s time for him to walk to the stage.

In the song, Bieber talks about having everything you need while still feeling incomplete– a position in life that drove him to be involved in a series of scandalous acts, causing the general public to throw hurtful words against him. The ‘Baby’ hitmaker was only 13 when he was discovered by Scooter Braun, and while he was releasing smash hits after smash hits, not everyone was appreciative of his craft. It even got to a point that being a Bieber fan was met with insults and mockery.

‘Lonely’ is an introspective, slow ballad showing how the now mature 26-year-old Bieber views that dark era in his past. It reveals his newfound realizations that he was too young to understand back then, as he had been blinded by money and fame.

‘Cause I’ve had everything but no one’s listening, and that’s just fuckin’ lonely.

Ultimately, the song is about the loneliness Bieber had experienced all those years of being at the top. After all, when you’re at the top, there’s no one else with you. The video ends with the young Bieber performing in what appears to be an empty concert hall, only to reveal that the present Bieber is there, watching, listening.


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