2020 has been a glimpse of a new dawn for juan karlos, a four-piece OPM band led by Juan Karlos Labajo. Just a week after the well-received release of their collab song with gloc-9 entitled Sampaguita, the band dropped their debut album, ‘Diwa’.

And the series of surprises don’t stop here! Now, they’re taking us to a trip outside of quarantine and into the profound, dreamy world of their freshly released music video for ‘Kalawakan’.



For fans who have been following the band, ‘Kalawakan’ would not be totally unfamiliar to you. It is one of the 10 tracks off their album ‘Diwa‘ released on March 20. They had performed the song in several live shows before and uploaded a videoke-style lyric video on their official Youtube channel. The band frontman, JK Labajo, also shared in a previous interview that he had written the song for his girlfriend, Maureen. 

But all this background knowledge did not prevent us from being totally captured by the masterpiece that is the music video for ‘Kalawakan’. Truth be told: prior to seeing the MV, we were expecting some romantic portraiture of the artist’s love for his significant other.

It turns out that the audience will be drawn into something deeper, more powerful, and with a more emotional vibrancy that goes far beyond romantic.

The concept is uniquely creative. Other elements including the cinematography, storytelling, and visuals blend together into a stunningly artistic work of art.

“What I do with some of my songs is that I try to create a story in my mind, then I write a song as a soundtrack of that story,” the 19-year-old Buwan hitmaker shares of his creative process when writing the album.

‘Kalawakan’ is– no doubt– a result of this process. The story within the lyrics makes the entire track worth shooting a film for, and now we’re relishing the final product. 

What do you about the music video for Kalawakan?

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