What is your theory about his upcoming album, Nectar?

Well, after a series of his music video from his recent releases for Nectar, the 88rising artist, Joji gave us another glimpse of his newest music video, ‘Daylight’. With his exceptional vocals and weird-but-interesting music videos, Joji definitely made his fans again hooked with his track.  

‘Daylight’ features Joji and Diplo attempting to wrangle an aging boy band. To tell you, it is bizarre with a typically hilarious touch of Joji’s unusual video. 


Another interesting thing about his releases is the cliff-hanged plots that he’s giving away before Nectar finally slated digital platforms. And to tell you, it’s funny how we can come up with different theories about his anticipated album, Nectar. Maybe, after escaping from the chaos he’s been through, he finally found a new beginning in another place. Try to see the ending of his newly-released music video. 

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Moreover, to who don’t this yet, ‘Daylight’ is one of the installment singles for his new album, Nectar, which is due out later on Sept 25. Are you excited as well?

For now, let’s stream ‘Daylight’ on Spotify and stay tuned for updates on Nectar.


What do you think about his newly-released track ‘Daylight’?

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