A bubbly and adorable song that could most likely remind you of your adolescent summer love is what came out of a brief meeting between Jason Mraz and Meghan Trainor. The highly-anticipated Know LP by Mraz is coming out this August 10. The birth of this Jason Mraz collaboration with Meghan Trainor, however, led to deadlines being held up just so it could be part of the album.

Mraz took it to Twitter to show a snippet of the track last July 27.

It was the Lucky singer’s friend, Andrew Wells who suggested this Jason Mraz collaboration with Meghan Trainor. Both were unsure of what could result from their encounter, but their mutual respect for each other’s work and respective feelings for their significant halves inspired the song. Meghan also revealed to Billboard the influence that the ten-year-old track Lucky played on the new song.

“I listened to a lot of his songs on the album, and they’re all amazing, but I was just thinking, ‘I don’t hear a lot of my favorite Jason Mraz on here,’ which is that adorable ukulele pop, like ‘Lucky.’”

Meghan further said that she sees More Than Friends as a ‘sister’ to Lucky. Jason Mraz admitted that her confession “I want to write something as adorable as Lucky.” flattered him a lot.

You can check out this Jason Mraz collaboration with Meghan Trainor below and drop your comments on this new track that’s expected to be a hit (like any Jason Mraz song) pretty soon.