YouTube stars Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad are venturing over to music!

The real-life couple more popularly known as JaMill will be dropping their newest single “Tayo Hanggang Dulo” on July 24. The pair announced their step towards the music industry with Star Pop, an ABS-CBN music label. A fan fest dubbed “Tayo Hanggang Dulo, JaMill (Mandirigma Day)” is also something the fans can look forward to on the 24th at 9 PM.

Through an online press conference, JaMill answered questions on their career, music, and relationship.

Listen to their song’s teaser below:

Tayo Hanggang Dulo | JaMill! Single Release + Mandirigma Day

Mga mandirigma! BACK-TO-BACK Announcement tonight ❤️

✔ Tayo Hanggang Dulo Single Release on July 24 (12am)
✔ Tayo Hanggang Dulo Jamill (Mandirigma Day) on July 24 at 9pm!

Get your tickets now on the link below-

Stay tuned for more updates! #TayoHanggangDuloJaMill

Posted by Star Pop PH on Thursday, July 9, 2020

From Vloggers to Singers

A lot of people became fans of JaMill through their YouTube videos. On thoughts of gaining new fans through music, Jayzam shares that he and Camille will definitely welcome them in their growing family of Mandirigma, the official fandom of the duo.

The YouTube superstars kick-started their careers on the streaming platform just 3 years ago but currently they already have over 10.3 million subscribers.

Excited about this milestone, the couple celebrated their achievement by showcasing their diamond plaque on social media.

More on their music

Contrary to what many may think, this isn’t JaMill’s first stint in music. They have already released 2 tracks titled “Best Love” and “Aking Mandirigma”.

In comparing the former with their upcoming track, Camille explains that “Best Love” was about how in love they are with each other while “Tayo Hanggang Dulo” is the testament of their love story from the beginning ’til now.

The couple also shares their favorite line in their newest track. Camille says it’s “Ikaw lang iibigin, Ikaw lang para sakin”. For Jayzam, he initially jokes it’s the title itself “Tayo hanggang dulo”. Camille defends that it can’t be helped because that line is catchy.

On a serious note, Jayzam tells us his favorite part is the lyric “Akala ko ay simple lang lahat. Basta gusto kita, gusto mo rin ako”. He reveals that he chose the lyric because of the profound meaning behind it.

“Papasok ka sa isang relasyon akala mo ganon lang yung love story napapanood mo sa TV na ‘they’ll live happily ever after’. Ang hindi pinapakita sa palabas eh yung anong sitwasyon, anong nangyayari kapag nagsasama na kayo. Diba nandun lahat ng struggle, hirap, at pagkakakilanlan sa isa’t-isa. Makikita mo yung bad side ng isa’t-isa, tatangapin niyo yung isa’t-isa. Yung sa hirap man o sa ginhawa magkasama kayo.”


Jayzam shares that if the reception to their new song under Star Pop is well received, they will follow up with a new one for sure. If so, you might even see their single in our weekly Top 10. (Read more: TOP 10 OPM SONGS OF THE WEEK!)

What are your thoughts about JaMill’s step towards music?

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