It’s not too late to get those chills as Rich Brian goes back to 1999!

“Time flies, if you’re thinking ’bout me, Ma’, just know that I’m fine”

Offering his newest head-boppy tracks, Rich Brian used his quarantine month wisely by patterning verses for his latest EP, ‘1999‘. What’s more, his seven-track EP was released alongside a new music video for “Love In My Pocket.”

If you are really a fan of Brian, you probably memorized his funny quirks and dope sharp bars. To tell you, he has done it again with the music of Love in my pocket‘.  If you haven’t seen this cool music video yet, you can freely check it below!


No doubt, this latest trippy, dance-pop music video is actually his favorite so far. This one is a short sci-fi film directed by Daniel Cloud Campos. Aside from featuring those three mutant clones, it also seems to let Indonesian fans get nostalgic as ‘Love in my Pocket’ music video caters a healthy dose of popular instant noodle brand Indomie.

With his new project ‘1999’

The said latest EP was kicked off the effort by premiering his two singles ‘Don’t Care‘ and ‘Love In My Pocket‘, which serve us a pop-infused sound and incredibly trippy sci-fi-inspired beats for its video.

“This project has a song for everyone. One of my favorites is ‘DOA’, which is basically Dead On Arrival for short. It sounds morbid but it’s about competing with someone who has zero chance against you in the first place. The melodies really remind me of Gorillaz, who I love. It’s a song that I always play whenever I wanna feel better about my singing, and myself in general.”- Rich Brian

The EP 1999 and other releases by Rich Brian are released by 88 Rising, a United States-based record label. Moreover, you can stream his latest EP in all different digital platforms including on Spotify!


Which of these latest is your favorite?

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