Clamp down that mouth girl, flies might get in.

When it comes to figuring out the latest scoop about their idols, kpop fans are known to exhibit skills almost up-to-par with investigation bureaus. This time around, the BLINKs are taking the lead in getting to know more about BLACKPINK’s latest music video.

YG Entertainment has been consistently releasing teaser content for fans on BLACKPINK’s social media accounts the past four days gearing up the hype for the release of the K-pop superstars’ latest single MV set to be released on June 26, 2020.

Armed with their keen sense of the girls’ inner work circles and a mad keen eye for content, the BLINKs went ahead and took a closer look at YG employees working around BLACKPINK arriving at the speculation that the girls may be in the process of releasing their first-ever outdoor music video.

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While digging around, some fans spotted someone believed to be a YG employee posting an Instagram story of what looked like a campsite set against a landscape and white tents pitched along the grounds.

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They noted its similarity with one other person supposedly personally close to BLACKPINK members, leading the BLINKs to believe that the upcoming MV might be an outdoor MV in contrast with previous MVs all shot in-studio.

To fuel the fans’ excitement and build up their speculations on an outdoor MV release, YG Ent’s back-up dancers and makeup artists have also been spotted on outdoor locations.

We know that no matter what kind of MV BLACKPINK is gonna release, we’re all just so excited and pumped for their comeback! And yes, I’m also talking to those closeted kpop fans who are secretly speculating and stalking the girls with their dump accounts as well. I see you, sis.

In the meantime, enjoy these tasteful #BLACKPINKOutdoorMV memes courtesy of the BLINK fam.

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