One of the rising bands that should be on your radar this 2021 is Cup of Joe.

After shaking the indie ground with their 2020 singles “Sagada” and “Hayaan,” Cup of Joe continues to aim for mainstream success with their latest single, “Bukod-Tangi.”

“We named the track ‘Bukod-Tangi’ because we wanted the song to remind us of the beauty of being unique and different,” the band said in a statement.

Blending indie-rock with jazzy shade, ’Bukod-Tangi’ is inspired by those who are afraid of showing their true selves out of fear of being judged. They went on to say that they wanted “this song to inspire everyone courage to unleash themselves; that though what sets them apart seems like a burden, it is actually what makes them great and beautiful.”

Cup Of Joe was originally intended for “Bukod-Tangi” for the movie “Unforgettable” that starred Sarah Geronimo. The band used the main character Jasmine, by Geronimo, as their reference persona. But though the track wasn’t included in the film’s OST, the song is still a special one for the band.

The band shared that “they were able to explore” and “create a different sound” which makes this track literally unique and special compared to their other songs.

Cup of Joe was composed of six talented lads from Baguio. They are vocalists Edgar Gian Bernardino and Raphael Ridao, pianist Vixen “Xen” Gareza, lead guitarist Antonio Gabriel “Gab” Fernandez, bassist Raphael “Seve” Severino and rhythm guitarist Clint Joules “CJ” Fernandez. Cup of Joe is a slang word for a cup of coffee. And just like coffee, they wanted to produce different blends of music for people to listen to, especially when they need that refreshing boost to get through the day.

“Bukod-Tangi” by Cup of Joe is now available on all digital platforms.


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