As the saddening news roll by, slew of different local artists truly did their their best to uplift our spirits amidst pandemic crisis.

To tell you, Quest is one of those great artists who comfort our fellowmen through music. Since, we’re all forced to stay indoors, we cannot deny that anxiety and fears are starting to creep in our minds. In fact, we really need music, now more than ever, to make
sense of things.

Written with the help of his fans, the Hip hop and R&B singer come up with his new track called ‘Rise’. This song is an anthem that celebrates everyone’s contribution amidst the pandemic and certainly flaunts the power of music in unifying us.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you can check it below.

“The idea was to do an on the spot song writing with my Team Quest during our fund-raising live stream to #FightCOVID19. We ended up creating an anthem. Words are powerful. We are powerful. Let’s all be beacons of hope during this season and let us all unite to rise to the occasion.” shared by Quest.

If you are interested in helping our fellowmen, know that 100% of his royalty from ‘Rise’ will be given to PGH Medical Foundation. It will be a way to help our front liners— nurses, the doctors and the military who are sacrificing their health just to get everyone tested and cured from Covid 19.

In case you don’t know yet, Quest went on Facebook with his followers and was able to raise Php 75,100. Plus, his fans also help him in piecing “RISE” together.

Everything will be alright
Don’t be scared, go dry your eyes
I will be right here to fight (for you)
When the storms are raging
When the earth is shaking
When fear is breaking through (I will be with you)
Cos love will shine, Hope will thrive Now’s the time To rise

We are all affected by what happens during these times and no matter what it is you are going thru, this song ask of you to rise above the noise and help out our front liners. So what our you waiting for? Let’s share Rise to our family and friends!

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