Longing for someone during this quarantine? Send them this nostalgic track now!

Kicked-off with playful notes, the remake of ‘You’re Still the One‘ by Quest is the perfect track you want to play at home with your special someone or even just by missing someone. According to him, this song is one of his all-time favorite song and yes, we will be expecting six track renditions from him!


In case you haven’t heard it yet, check it down below!

What’s More

After the Filipino singer-songwriter and rapper released an anthem during this pandemic crisis, ‘Rise’, perhaps, we’ll be expecting more of cover song from him. Moreover, ‘You’re Still The One’ is a 1997 hit by Shaina Twain from her album, Come On Over.

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While waiting for some of his renditions, let’s stream for now Quest’s track in different platforms including Spotify!


What Do You Think About Quest’s Remake of ‘You’re Still The One’?

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